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FAVOUR - Peach Mixer

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Favour from Token is Canada’s first cannabis drink shot made for mixing. With the rapid onset experience of a nano-emulsified beverage, these are flavour-forward drink mixers that actually taste good. Juice-based and distinctly delicious, Favour can be mixed easily into any liquid to create classic or custom beverages for cocktail connoisseurs of all kinds.  


Each bottle contains 10mg of nano-emulsified THC combined with delicious, full-bodied flavours without a bitter aftertaste. Made with peach juice, natural flavours and a cannabis formulation that eliminates cannabis taste and smell. These fast-acting, sessionable drinks are water soluble so you can add it to your favourite beverage, hot or cold. Drink as a shot for convenience, mix into a drink for enjoyment. A little bit bigger, so you can share or savour solo. 


After finishing your Favour expect to feel effects within approximately 15 minutes that are likely to last a few hours, so turn up or wind down – the experience is yours to choose. 


Consumption Directions: 


Shake your bottle prior to opening. Measure out desired amount for control over consumption or pour the whole bottle for the full 10 mg of THC. Start low and adjust as desired. Drop it in, mix it up, and give yourself a cheers. Refrigerate after opening.  

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