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BC Legacy-Gastown Collection-Flawless Victory-THC(29.78%) Terps(3.2%) 5g

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The name of this strain comes from the perfect merging of two legendary Bay Area cuts: truly a
Flawless Victory. The foundation of the genetics behind this cut are the Ice Cream Cake and the
clone only Cherry Cheesecake. Two legendary California flavors, of which the combination
makes for a unique tasting new flavor. The main terpenes are Limonene, Caryophyllene and
Linalool making for a nice balanced high that can be slightly relaxing and euphoric. If the
temperatures drop when its being grown then a rich dark purple hue comes out in both the
leaves and bud. Coming in at 29.78% THC this bud can come on strong and has a long
lasting effect. The flavor is gassy with creamy under tones. Absolutely a well balanced
cake/desert family strain.
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